Home School: Field Trips (Part 1)

What is a good field trip?

I had a reader write in to me last week and ask: “Where do you take your kids for field trips?”


Field trips are a fantastic way to get out into the world and provide context to what you are homeschooling. Have you learned about how bread is made? How about where cheese and milk comes from? Or where mail is sorted? Here are some great ideas for where to take your children.

A Local Farm / Neighborhood Garden

A local farm may not be possible for everyone, but if it is an option, it is a fantastic one. Even if you do live in a city, there is likely a farm location within driving distance. Definitely search this one out. Anything from dairy farms to plant-based farms can be an incredibly educational experience for you and your kids. Some cities and towns may also have a local co-op or neighborhood garden plot where you can grow food with others, sharing sections. During the Spring season, a great activity for regular field trips can be maintaining plants and food crops at one of these local neighborhood gardens with your kids.


The Post Office

This was one of my kids’ favorite locations to visit. Going behind the counter to see huge tubs of mail being sorted was incredibly exciting to them. They learned everything from sorting to delivery, including what they do to prevent losing mail or delivering it to the wrong address. We also got a tour of the inside of a mail truck and the systems they use to navigate and track packages as delivered. Our favorite part was definitely inside the truck and pretending to drive.


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