Home School: Field Trips (Part 2)

A Local Park

This should be fairly easy for most families. A trip to the local park can be tagged as a field trip and an adventure in exploring the outside world. Knowing what plant life (trees, flowers, etc.) or animals (birds, insects, etc.) is available at your local park can make planning the lesson easier. Picking a few items to discuss and learn about is a good way to make a fun trip educational. It’s also a great place to have recess and get out some extra energy, so this is a regular field trip location for our family.

Local Grocery Store

Big machines that slice turkey and ham, large mixers spinning dough inside that will be cooked into bread, and large ovens cooking all sorts of delicious foods, were some of the highlights from our local grocery store field trip. The wonderful staff walked us through the whole process of making their fresh loaves of bread, and even let my kids make their own loaf to take home! They were so ecstatic to make sandwiches using bread they had also made themselves. After this trip, both kids wanted to be bakers when older (we’ll see how long that lasts, but I’ll encourage it while I can!).



Let me know what more ideas you have for field trips!

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