Kindergarten Home School: Getting Started (Part Two)


As with the pros list, this is not a comprehensive list of all considerations you may need to make. These are the biggest concerns we had.

1. Social Considerations

Home-schooling can be an isolating endeavor, but only if you allow it to be. The social interaction at public school can be a valuable lesson (making new friends and working with new kids), as well as a scary negative (bullying or confrontations). Providing social interactions through friends and family still teaches kids how to interact with others. There are also many different support groups for home-schooled kids that have regular meetups or group field trips that can provide a similar level of social learning that public school offers, but also reduces the chance for negative social interactions to take place.

2. Time

It can take an enormous amount of time compared to dropping your kids off at a public school. For some parents and families, home-schooling simply isn’t an option (both parents work, single parents that work, etc.). Even if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to provide home-schooling, it can be a large time investment. While we think this is worth it for education, it obviously isn’t something that is feasible for everyone.

3. Money

Like the above point, it is an investment of money as well. All supplies, trips, and costs, are yours alone to burden. While this does give you flexibility to focus on the items your child is most interested in, it certainly comes with a cost. It also gives a sense of how underpaid teachers are, especially those buying their own supplies.


Home-schooling can be wonderfully challenging at times, but for our family it was the right decision. If you want a peek into the curriculum we use for our kids, check it out here!. Have you considered home-schooling before? Let me know below in the comments what you think!


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